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Ph: +61 3 9428 9372



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Terms & Conditions


Toll pass $10.00 on all vehicle rentals enables trouble free motoring with one trip out of the city in any direction and one trip back to our shop covered. Any other tolls are to be paid by the renter.

Booking Deposits, Booking Insurance, Payments and Refunds.

Deposits and Payments.

  • A Deposit of 20% is required to book/reserve a motorcycle. Cash or Credit Card.
  • Balance of rental payment is processed 4 weeks from rental start date, on the credit card originally provided for the deposit.(It is the renters responsibility to notify us if another card is to be used for the balance.)
  • For rentals one week prior, including and one week after MotoGP and Superbikes a 50% Deposit is required at time of booking and balance is processed 8 weeks from rental start date.
  • 2 Day Minimum Rental for MotoGP Weekend
  • Booking fees are deducted from the total hire cost.
  • Payments - Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.
  • Booking cancellation fees apply see below Cancellation Policy.     


Bookings Cancelled: Australian MotoGP & Australian/World Superbike Races:

There are no refunds under any circumstances for vehicles booked for pick up one week prior to, the weekend of, and one week after the Australian MotoGP or Australian/World Superbike races. (this includes but not limited to accident, sickness, inclement weather or change of mind.) We advise taking travel insurance as some companies will cover this.

Booking insurance does not cover bookings for above motogp or superbike weeks.

Bookings Cancelled: All other times

  • More than 30 days before rental start date -    No fee applicable
    Between 14-29 days before rental start date - 20% of the rental cost.                     Less than 14 days before rental start date  -    100% of the rental cost.
  • Booking insurance is available for "All other times" terms below.

    Booking insurance terms:

    To protect your booking deposit you can purchase booking insurance.
  • This is a great option for those who might wish to transfer their booking to another date, without losing the booking deposit. This can be for any reason e.g. inclemant weather, sickness or change of plans 

    - price of insurance is 10% of the total rental price (minimum of AU$ 20.00).
    - insurance is due in advance at time of booking and deposit paid.
    - insurance can only be used once.
Motorcycle Licence's

  • All Scooter rentals in Victoria require a motorcycle specific license, not car license.
  • Learners and "P" plate licence's are acceptable for LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) motorcycles. For the safety of our customers Garners reserves the right to refuse any rental if appropriate riding skills cannot be demonstrated.
  • Full Australian, international or Country of origin licence's are acceptable if in English.
  • All licences must show motorcycle endorsement clearly.
  • If motorcycle endorsement is not clear on your country of origin license then you must have an international licence stating clearly motorcyle endorsement.
  • Passport identification is also required for international riders.
  • The minimum age to rent a motorcycle is 21.
  • 21-22 year olds can ride up to 650cc lams approved bikes..
  • The Minimum age for Harley Davidson rentals is 23.
  • All bikes are supplied with a full tank of Unleaded fuel and must be returned with a full tank of unleaded fuel.
  • $50.00 AU will be charged for bikes returned without a full tank.
  • Pre Purchased Fuel. $30 For those who prefer not to visit the service station on the return trip you can pre pay for a full tank before you leave our store and just return the vehicle without a full tank. Must be purchased prior to vehicle pick up.
Security Deposits
  • A Security deposit is required on all hires and varies depending on motorcycle.
  • The Bond is an authorisation over the funds on a credit card and is made available immediatly once the bike is returned undamaged, full of fuel and on time.
Penalty Fees
  • If the motorcycle is returned late then the hourly rate will be charged up to 5 hours thereafter the full daily rate will apply.
  • All vehicles must be returned clean or a fee of $50 per vehicle will be incurred.
Toll Roads
  • Motorcycles traveling out of the Melbourne City will encounter toll roads.
  • *A Toll pass is compulsory on every Bike rental. Cost $10.00 -Allows Max of 2 trips through toll roads (Exit the city and back) after this renter pays all tolls.If you are travelling through mutilple states then multi toll pass is required $30.00. (this allows 2 tolls per state).
Additional Rider/Driver
  • An Additional Rider / Driver can be added to your insurance cover for $5 per day.
  • Insurance for personal injury is covered in most cases by Motorcycle Registration TAC.
  • Insurance excess (the amount you pay if you have an accident) is double (2 X) the security Bond e.g. Bond $2000 = Excess $4000.

        You can reduce this Excess !!

  • Reducing insurance excess options:
  • 1. Standard -Full Standard Insurance Drivers over 23yr.                                       Damage Excess =$4000   Cost  $0.00
  • 2. Stress Less - Damage Excess reduced by 50%.                                          Damage Excess = $2000        $16.00 per day                                       
  • 3. Calm - Bond & Damage Excess reduced to $1500 Max. $24 per day.
  • 4. Restricted License or 21 - 22 Year old - Standard Full Insurance. Damage Excess= 4K.         $10 per day. (above options are also available for restricted license holders & 21-22 year olds just add $10 to above options.)


  • In the unlikely event of an accident Garners Hire Bikes must be contacted first.

    ACCIDENT - Phone Number given at time of rental.

                    03 9428 9372   (8.00am to 5.00pm) Mon - Fri
    03 9428 9372 (8.30am to 11.30pm) Sat
  • Aussie Motorcycle Hire/ Garners Motorcycles/Ride Australia Bike Rentals must be notified as soon as possible and an accident report filled out.
  • Aussie Motorcycle Hire/ Garners Motorcycles/Ride Australia Bike Rentals will make every effort to provide repair facilities or a replacement motorcycle, but is not obliged to do so.
  • Where a motorcycle has been crashed and is not able to be ridden any further, Aussie Motorcycle Hire/ Garners Motorcycles/Ride Australia Bike Rentals are under no obligation to replace or supply another motorcycle for the completion of the journey and no compensation can be claimed by the hirer for the unused portion of the hire period. Alternate means of tranport may be organised by us but we are under no obligation to do so. Any alternate means of transport are to be paid for by the renter.
  • Should the renter require another motorcycle, an additional security Bond is required.
  • Personal belongings are not insured by Aussie Motorcycle Hire / Garners Motorcycles /Ride Australia Bike Rentals and travel insurance is recommended.
  • Water damage is not covered. Renter assumes full responsibility for all repairs if bike is water damaged.
  • All insurance cover is void if rental agreement is breached and the renter becomes fully liable for the motorcycle, third parties and there vehicles if damaged and all other damages and costs relating to the accident.
  • Road Bikes - Basic Motorcycle insurance cover is included in the rental charges. The basic cover includes damage to the motorcycle, theft of the motorcycle and third party property. (Excess applies), Cable locks can be supplied with all road bikes at the renters request.

Important note:
The terms and options outlined in above are subject to the normal conditions of hire relating to speeding, drink driving, unauthorized use of a vehicle, riding on the wrong side of the road and similar matters contained in the Motorcycle Rental agreement.

Travel insurance and ambulance cover
  • We strongly advise all our customers to obtain travel insurance before they arrive to collect their motorcycle.
  • We strongly advise that all Australian customers to be Ambulance subscribers.
  • Goods and services taxes (GST) of 10% are included in rental prices.
  • Prices include unlimited KM’s.

  • Helmet usage is compulsory in Australia.
  • Any equipment returned damaged (fair wear and tear excluded) will incur a replacement fee.
  • Most motorcycle accessories are available for hire.

After Hours number is given when rental commences.

  • Garners Motorcycle Hire will not pay for any towing charges, in the case of an accident or breakdown always call Garners Hire Bikes for instructions. Depending on distance and availability Garners Hire Bikes may send a rescue van, if this is not available then towing may be arranged for you. In some cases the bike may need to be left and picked up at a later time.
  • Note: If the hirer organizes their own towing then it is at hirer's expense. If towing is organized by the hirer then the hirer is also liable for any damage caused by the towing company. (Tow companies do not tow motorcycles often and in many cases do not have the expertise to tie them down without damage.)  
  • The Hirer will be charged $150 call out fee if the bike has simply run out of petrol, or has a flat battery from charging accessories such as mobile phones. Motorcycles have small batteries which may not cope with charging electronic devices. Please charge these devices at night from a power point. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure the bike has adequate fuel at all times. Bikes have a full tank at time of departure.
  • If the Motorcycle runs out of fuel please do not continue trying to start the bike as it will just flatten the battery. So when you do get fuel the bike will still not start.
  • For repairs above $50 please contact us for authorization and the location of your nearest repair center.
  • Receipts are required for reimbursement and an after hours phone number is provided, for over the phone assistance if any problems occur.
  • Regular oil checks, chain lubing and adjustment are the responsibility of the renter.

Outback and Dirt Road Travel:

Outback travel on sealed or unsealed roads and travel on remote gravel roads or tracks can be dangerous unless you are well prepared and know how to deal with difficult situations. The key to doing this is to remember that the further you are from our shop the harder and longer it takes to help you. Even in major cities in Australia all tyre repair and motorcycle shops close at 12 noon on Saturdays and dont reopen until monday morning. (some dont open weekends at all). In the majority of small towns there will not be a motorcycle shop and if there is they will most likely not work on late model motorcycles. They will be set up for farm machinery. You need to make us aware of your travel plans so we can talk to you about this and make sure you are aware of the risks. Its not all bad you just need to be prepared and aware. The bikes are not permitted on beaches, salt lakes[ wet or dry] or tidal estuaries. Should your bike break down for ANY reason on gravel roads then you will be responsible for recovery costs. This is for your own protection as unnecessary accidents happen every year. If you choose to ride in the outback or any gravel roads/tracks it's important you understand the sorts of issues that can arise.

The nature of the terrain often makes the journey very hard on the bikes and if something breaks in a remote area components can take many days even weeks to arrive. This means you could be waiting some time for repairs to take place. This is an inherent risk of traveling in these areas and please bear in mind it is your choice to be riding there. While everything possible will be done to get you going again as soon as possible, delays are beyond our control and so lost travel days and other costs such as accommodation ARE NOT REFUNDED no matter what the reason for the breakdown. It is up to you to organise the correct travel insurance that covers this.

The motorcycle is not to be used in any race or on any race track, track day, organised enduro or safari event including on road or off road and adventure training. This includes but is not limited to BMW Safari or BMW Off road training events. Taking part in these events without our consent may result in no insurance cover. Talk to us about your plans as some events may be possible with special conditions.

One-way hires: Minimum 7 Day Rental peak periods and 5 days off peak.

The prices below are a guide only and are subject to change slightly without notice depending on transport companies. Exact price will be given at time of booking.

From                 Melbourne                                    

  • Melbourne – Melbourne -no charge
  • Melbourne – Sydney $349 (oct-may)                    
  • Melbourne – Sydney $349 (other)                         
  • Melbourne - Adelaide $399 (oct-may)                   
  • Melbourne - Adelaide $349 (other)                        
  • Melbourne – Brisbane $549 (oct-may)                  
  • Melbourne – Brisbane $349 (other)
  • Melbourne – Cairns $899 (oct-may)
  • Melbourne – Cairns $749 (other)
  • Melbourne – Perth $899 (oct-may)     
  • Melbourne – Perth $749 (other)
  • Melbourne - Darwin $1050 (oct-may) 
  • Melbourne - Darwin $899 (other)
  • Melbourne - Alice Springs $1050 (oct-may)        
  • Melbourne - Alice Springs $989 (other)

From Sydney

  • Sydney – Sydney No Charge
  • Sydney – Melbourne $349 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney – Melbourne $349 (other)
  • Sydney – Brisbane $499 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney – Brisbane $349 (other)
  • Sydney – Cairns $799 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney – Cairns $649 (other)
  • Sydney – Perth $1050 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney – Perth $899 (other)
  • Sydney - Adelaide $595 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney - Adelaide $495 (other)
  • Sydney - Alice Springs $1050 (oct-may)        
  • Sydney - Alice Springs $989 (other)
  • Sydney - Darwin $1050 (oct-may) 
  • Sydney - Darwin $899   (other)
Other Rental Conditions

  • Minimum rental rate is 24 hrs.
  • Minimum rental for MotoGP weekend is 2 days.
  • Weekend Bookings - Pick up Sat 9am & return Monday before 9:00am.
  • Early pickup after 3pm Friday add $45.00 .
  • All after hours returns has $5.00 charge
  • Shop does not have to be open to return bike. After hours Bike returns to lock box ok if arranged prior to pick up.  Latest drop off is 8.30pm.
  • Cleaning fee of $50 per bike returned dirty.
  • Garners Motorcycle Hire reserves the right to refuse any rental at its discretion.
  • Vehicles may vary due to availability.
  • Flat tyres are not classed as a breakdown. Any puncture repairs or replacement of tyres due to flat tyre is at renters expense. See tyres in T & C's for conditions.